St. Paco's Place Dog Rescue Shelter

She She is the proud sponsor of St. Paco's Place dog rescue shelter in Ensenada, Baja, Mexico.  Every penny of your donation goes directly to food, shelter, medical and spay and neutering services, because every aspect of the shelter is run by volunteers, headed up by the unstoppable Joy Meade.  

She She women volunteer to walk rescue dogs on the beach

A dollar in Mexico goes much further than a dollar in the US.  A spay or neuter operation costs us only $15.  Treatment for mange is $8.  Rent for our building is $150 a month.

For every dog that is spayed or neutered, 26,000 puppies are not born over 5 years. This is our best defense against animal suffering in Baja. 

Every week some dogs get adopted, and new, starving dogs get dropped off, so, we usually have about 45 dogs at any time.   Please help if you can. The duck stops here when it comes to animal rescue!

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