FAQ - Frequently Asked Quacktions


Do I need a Passport for Baja, Mx?

Yes, they are required.  They are easy to get.  You fill out an application, and apply in person - usually at a Post Office.  The fee is about $150  The passport is good for ten years.  Here is the link for the application: 


What the Duck?

OK, the deal with the duck logo is this - at every She She event you are given a little rubber duck - it may be a nurse or a pirate or a Harley duck or something.  Another women is randomly given a duck that matches yours.  Your first She She interaction is in finding your "Duck Buddy".  Duck Buddies keep a watchful eye over one another.  You know, to make sure your buddy knows what's happening with the flock, like what time dinner is and stuff.  At the end of one of our Single's Retreats a woman fell down and broke her arm.  We sent out a message by email to everyone, because everyone is so close after an event, that said "Duck Sister Down! Duck Sister Down!"  Immediately the other women came to the broken winged women's aid at the hospital and afterwards.  It was a wonderful demonstration of the real bonding and sustainable connection that happens at our retreats.  Since then, we have all referred to ourselves as "Duck Sisters".  And, well, it just floated along since then.  There's more to it, but that's enough get you in the pond.

Do I have to share a room with someone?

Well, no, but it's much more expensive to have a single room. The good news is that our past five single's retreats have shown us that women's biggest trepidation before the trip is sharing a space with a stranger, and their biggest joy after the retreat is how much they enjoyed having a roommate.  We're not even kidding! We have you fill out a detailed survey before the retreat that allows us to match you up with a compatible roomie.  It works every time. We still aren't even kidding!  So, unless you have the big bucks, swing out there and take a calculated risk - that you will be part of a Laverne and Shirley situation that will be fun.  If, for some reason, you don't like your roomie (and this has honestly never happened), we will switch you with someone else.

How much focus is there on booze?

Glad you asked!  Although we offer alcohol at our events, we do not put focus on drinking.  In fact, we down-play heavy drinking.  Our events are carefully designed to allow women to connect quickly and deeply while having fun.  You can't connect if you are not conscious and present, and large quantities of alcohol interfere with that.  Many of our women are not drinkers, including Carmen, one of the two producers of She She.  

Why Only 40 Women for your three day retreats?

Our three day retreat groups are usually between 40-60 women.  We find that a group this size allows for everyone to get to know everyone else in a meaningful way over a period of three days.  There is a sense of community and intimacy that can be create with this size group that is not possible in a larger group.  

Will I meet "The one" ?

Well, that's entirely up to you.  You must really want to meet "The One", and come with an open heart and be willing to risk.  Also, what we have discovered is that you can't meet The One unless you are in the game - the game of dating.  Also, dating is a numbers game.  Mrs. Right isn't gonna just show up on your doorstep in a Fed Ex uniform and fall in love when your eyes meet while you are in curlers and a robe. You gotta get out there!  Problem is, getting out there is no fun when the options are bars and online dating sites that are terribly time-consuming and often disappointing.  

So, going to one of our single's retreats has you fully in the game, and, your numbers bump up with fun and ease.  You have 39 single women in your age range to start with, and if you don't click in that special way with one of the 39 single women at the retreat, then you have 39 great, new friends to continue socializing with and you have access to all of their single friends and they will be on the look out for you.

Then, you have our monthly single's events that attract new, single women over 40, and you can attend that event with other friends from the retreat - so you never again have to go to a social event feeling alone and out of place.

For our last 4 single's retreats about 25% of the women got into long term relationships with someone they met at the retreat, while at the retreat.  Even more women become couples after establishing a friendship from the retreat, but we don't have accurate numbers for that.  At our first retreat in 2007 three couples were formed, and they are still together 5 years later!

Other women find their Mrs. Right Now for an evening, and become good friends.

What is the common age of women that attend She She events?

Women in their 40s, 50s and 60s come to our events. What with facelifts and gyms and all it is really hard to tell who is what anymore.

Can I bring my children?

No, sorry.  These are adult events, where adults get to act like children rather than just watch them (:  However, we may have children friendly events in the future if there is a Duck Demand.  We (Annie and Carmen) are raising twin 15 year olds.  So, now you know why our events are just for adults so far.

No, I meant my children, my furry children?

Oh! Yes, well, that's different! Some of our events are pet-freindly, some are not.  The cruise is not.  You can, however, bring a pet dolphin.

Why do 10% of your profits go to your Dog Rescue Shelter and not a Duck Rescue Shelter?

Um, because first off we don't practice duckscrimination, and second off, ducks are hard to catch, but, good question!

Have you done this before?

We have been producing lesbian events for 30 years.  We started our "40 Women Over 40" retreats in 2007 (once we became over 40).  This is not our first lesbo rodeo!

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